Check In - What processes are involved at the beginning of the tenancy?

  1. The inventory is written and prepared prior to the tenant moving in by the inventory clerk.
  2. The tenant is met at the property on the day of move in at the time agreed.
  3. The tenant and the clerk inspect the property and contents together and check it against the prepared inventory. Any discrepancies that may arise at the check in are noted and the inventory report edited as necessary. Meter readings are taken and the number of keys issued noted.
  4. The tenants are then asked to initial each page and sign a declaration to indicate that they agree with the Inventory Report.
  5. The keys to the property are only then handed over to the tenant.

Check Out - What processes are involved at the end of the tenancy?

  1. The clerk will re-visit the property at the end of the tenancy and make a full inspection against the original inventory at the agreed time and date.
  2. All discrepancies and damage are noted, discussed and signed for by the tenant.
  3. The clerk will take the final meter readings, take possession of and list the keys being returned and complete the Check Out Schedule.
  4. Photographs can be taken at this point to support any claims that may arise regarding deductions to be made from the tenantís dilapidations deposit.
  5. The agent / landlord will receive a full report clearly stating works required, suggested levels of tenant and landlord responsibilities and recommended apportionments. Allowances being made for fair wear and tear, quality and life expectancy of any items at the time.

Who pays for the Inventory and how much does it cost?

The cost of preparing an Inventory is the Landlordís responsibility and is normally 10% of the first months rent. In general the Landlord pays for the cost of checking in and the Tenant pays for the cost of checking out. This agreement is normally formalised on the tenancy agreement.


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